Corporate development

To consolidate our commitment to quality and respect for the environment, we have adopted a concept of continuous improvement, perfecting our services and paying special attention to the needs of our customers.
Innovation and training are an important basis for this continuous improvement.

Automation of installations

The management system automates the operation of our hotels’ facilities, allowing them to adapt to the varying conditions of each season. This system can be accessed from the outside in order to detect any incidents that may occur in real time.

Totem and Lava Beach app

With the opening of Lava Beach, we opted for Totem as a digital communication channel with our customers. Subsequently, we integrated a WEB – APP as a new tool that allows our guests to access our services 24 hours a day. It is a channel that allows us to provide you with the most efficient and immediate service at the click of a button.


Improving your stay every day.

Innovation in products and services

Continuous innovation in renewable energies such as geothermal and aerothermal energy and the small changes in our establishments are what make the difference. We are committed to innovative and quality products, and to offering a unique experience in dreamlike surroundings.


Training within a company is a key factor in the cohesion and projection of its culture, which is why it is important to commit to continuous training at all levels of the organisation.
We train our staff to increase their personal skills through all channels, both internal and external. We also encourage all staff to participate in the improvement of our systems and the achievement of objectives by setting up cross-departmental improvement teams.
Important training areas include innovation, environmental awareness and motivation.