Sustainable tourism

Change starts with you

Hibiscus Hotels has managed to consolidate its position in the tourism market as one of the companies most committed to the island of Lanzarote, both environmentally and in terms of social responsibility.
Discover our commitment to the planet

Environmental policy

Our main objective is to offer the highest level of quality and respect for the environment across all our services.
For more than twenty years, each property has had its own solar thermal energy installation, reducing the consumption of propane in our boilers and avoiding the emission of large quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere.
In 2006, our first geothermal energy installation was carried out as part of the complete refurbishment of Las Costas hotel, which is a powerful source of renewable energy that extracts heat from the earth.
In recent years, we have continued to try to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, through Lava gardens and indigenous plants, salt chlorinator systems for our pools, minimising waste, geothermal energy, aerothermal energy, rainwater collection and LED lighting for our facilities, to name just a few of the initiatives we have put in place.
With the construction of Lava Beach Hotel in 2018, we took our commitment to the environment to the highest level, achieving class A energy efficiency certification for our buildings.

Social responsibility

At Hibiscus Hotels, we are fully aware of the social problems of our environment, and we are convinced of the importance of local development.
We collaborate with different initiatives to promote local products and social initiatives on the island and internationally.

Human Resources

At Hibiscus Hotels, we believe that our human resources are the basis of our business, which is why we guarantee a fair and equitable labour policy, as well as the dignified treatment and respect of human and labour rights, while always trying to guarantee health and safety at work.
We guarantee compliance with current regulations and adhere to a code of good practice in our working relationships, based on equality, respect, recognition, training and the prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Privacy portal

For Hibiscus Hotels, compliance with data protection is a fundamental part of our activity, carrying out the processing of personal data with maximum transparency and loyalty.

Interest group

In order to carry out our policies and achieve our objective, the unconditional support of all our staff is absolutely necessary, as well as the involvement of our customers, partners, suppliers, public entities and social agents, because they are an essential part of promoting social responsibility.